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Crete for Life is the only Greek registered charity of its kind, and the first Cretan children’s charity. Everybody involved in Crete For Life does so voluntarily and without any compensation, together with people and businesses that offer goods and services free of charge.

Most people who support charities are looking for association and projects that will spend their money in a straightforward, transparent manner. We feel we owe it to our supporter to spend as much money and energy as possible on what matters, helping children and young adults

We are a very small charity doing very small projects. We believe that charity is about individuals helping other individuals with the minimum of bureaucracy and needless expense.

We believe we have a duty to everyone who supports Crete For Life projects and we realize it is much easier to ask people to donate their hard-earned money if they know it's not going to be used paying salaries, fancy fundraising events, marketing and advertising bills. This is especially true in times of hardship and uncertainty as the current one.

For this reason we have always kept the costs of running Crete For Life to a minimum. Almost all the help we have had so far has been on a voluntary basis. We are greatly helped by the generosity of the local community of Ierapetra that has supported our projects both financially and with gifts in kind, and has welcomed the children and young adults we host with open arms and unfailing generosity through the years.

When fundraising, we try not to use our finances as much as it is possible. Much of our fundraising expenses are met by sponsors, and when this is not possible, we try not to exceed the 10% costs recommended guideline.

This web site was developed with totally free assistance from Martin Bailey at Marketingyourownbiz. We increasingly use the internet for communication and appeals. and we are hoping that this website will generate an income to finance our programs.

By responding to our website you are helping to drive down our costs. We have almost no administration costs because we are helped by professionals that provide administration and accountancy services at little or no cost. If you have any suggestions for us we will be delighted to hear from you.





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