Thank you to all our friends who have volunteered during the years, many of whom have done so many times:


Pavel and Vlad are also from Belarus and are both doctors in Minsk’s children hospital, Natalia from Belarus, is a teacher of English at the university in Minsk, Alessandro comes from Canada, is much loved especially by the boys and he is always full of energy. Anna Maria is from Venice and she has also worked in an orphanage in India. Alessandra is our inspiring art teacher from Milan and helped the children to create wonderful things has well has having a great time, Marie Noelle, Benedicte, Thibaut, Pierre, Helene, Poupee, Fotini, Alberto, Zaccaria, Ilya, Denys, Marjorie, Sebastien, Andreas, Michelle, Giorgio, Federico, Federica, Thea, Natalie, Mary, Virginio, Kostantinos, Sacha, Andrea, Anas, Ludovica, Clemens, Attilio,Tamara... Forgive us if we are leaving anyone out of this list!

We welcome old and new volunteers, Please note that our time commitment and dates vary from year to year, ask us for the current year plan.

Who can volunteer?

Minimum age of 18 years. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life and all ages. We very much view you as an individual with your own personal strengths and experience that all add up to make a fantastic team. Our one criteria is that you like children and are safe to care for them, always placing their needs first, and are ready to work in a team! We assess this by asking you to complete an application form, you must speak fluent English and obtain two references.

Why Volunteer for Crete For Life?

The Volunteers are a major part of the recuperative breaks' success because, through team work, they enable the children and young adults, giving them positive encouragement and support. The volunteers foster a strong sense of team spirit amongst each of the campers in their care. In this way, the children feel they belong and are included, whilst feeling positive about their own individuality.

What the experience means to the Volunteers

Volunteering at Crete For Life has meant different things to everyone of our volunteers. Many have developed their existing skills, and pretty much all of them leave feeling inspired by the young people they have met and with a sense of personal achievement. The impact has on the volunteers is reflected in our large numbers of returning volunteers.

The volunteers are an essential part of Crete For Life, without their dedication and commitment we could not run any of our activities! We are committed to looking after the Volunteer Team, ensuring we do all we can to help support them in providing the magic for the children hosted. We provide information and advice, practically doing something to help, being a listening ear or supporting the debrief process following the recuperative breaks.

Feedback – Over the years Crete For Life has grown and developed with the ideas and feedback of the Volunteer Team. We collect and welcome all feedback and use it to continually improve the work we do.

Preparation – We feel it is important that we provide, to the best of our ability, the information and skills required for camp volunteers. We believe that most of the skills and knowledge that helps volunteers in their roles at camp is already there inside of them, our aim is to pull the strengths of each individual out to the fore-front and share them with the rest of the team. All food and accommodation is paid for whilst at the recuperative camp. Write to us for more information…




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